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A Smart Community Management System

Asset Management

asset tagging allows companies to assign a unique identifier to each asset. Printed with QR codes, asset tags eliminate the need for manual data entry, enabling accurate and efficient inventory tracking and streamlined documentation of activities such as maintenance and repairs. By tracking each asset’s location, maintenance history, usage, and other details, companies can simplify record-keeping and streamline reporting for accounting and tax purposes.

Fleet Management

A fleet management system can help by giving you access to clear and actionable data about the vehicles across your entire fleet. A fleet management solution is software that provides data-based insights about GPS vehicle tracking, Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, safety, upcoming vehicle maintenance, and more.

Visitors Management

Security is the biggest concern when an outsider visits a community. The app lets the security guard communicate with Office personnel/ users by sharing visitor pictures and info. Also, the users can authorize the visitor entry by conveying their consent to the guard through the same app.
Visitor information and photographs are also recorded at the time of check-in and check-out. The verification is done through our state-of-the-art facial recognition system powered by artificial intelligence.

Ensure that every person, package or vehicle entering the community is authorised by a resident. Effective security measures can be convenient, too!

Workforce Management

Our solution enables the manager/ Supervisor to allocate tasks or duties to the employee/workforce via their mobile app who then can easily locate the customer and perform tasks then bill as per work done where necessary. The concerned manager is able to see and track the progress of the service order and work done. We provide an end to end service in which each party can maintain track of what is being done, and how long it is taking. We maintain the privacy of all our users and make sure all your data is safe and secure with us.


Logistics software automates transportation management, issue maintenance, inventory management and other logistical functions, monitoring the flow of products/services from one end to other.
Dashboard is the central command for all operations, It receives all the service requests which are then manually or automatically assigned to respective field teams,Team Supervisors can assign and reassign tasks in real time from the comfort of a computer tablet or PC.The entire Management Team can monitor tasks and the associated activities in real time.

Office Management

Cloud based solution for an connected office community where each employee can interact with various departments/admins on a single click. Share information with the rest of the company on an e-bulletin board. The app enables the office personnel to interact with the visitors as the visitor information and photograph are shared by the authorized personnel. Easy to manage events and other team work activities.Ability for an employee/team to book a conference room or amenities available in the office space

Parking Management

A simplified way of managing parking for your employees and visitors. We provide a for our clients to charge their occupants for the parking on need basis.

User check in check out

Each visitor receives a unique OTP (One Time Password) and a QR code that enables them to easily get verified at the time of entry and exit. it's a simplified way for employees/students/ delivery services to allow an easy check in/ check out.

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